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5 No Sweat Meal Prep Tips From Pros

By Keryn Nicolson

We all want to make our Monday through Friday work day and night meals healthier. We've mentioned this before but it can be really difficult avoiding convenience foods during the busy work week. Typically these foods are high in fat, salt and sugar which don't really benefit your health in any way. Most of us don't have the luxury of having a personal chef on staff so instead of large batch cooking every weekend (which is also totally great and I usually do that) here are additional simple meal prep tips from some from health experts over at Shape magazine and other industry pros:

1) Choose Your Staples: If you have a set list of staple ingredients, you'll FLY through the grocery store. My list varies a little bit from month to month. I swear by this. It's late on a Friday, it's after work and the last thing you want to do is peruse around a crowded supermarket. If you know before you go, it'll be way less stressful.

2) Get Functional Meal-Prep Containers: This was the best $30-40 I ever spent I swear. I stocked up on some freezer, microwave safe and BPA FREE food containers in various sizes. All you need to decide is what you want to eat more of...some are stackable and have spots for salad dressing and dips. BOOM.

3) Chop, Chop:Chop and prep your veggies, fruit and meats right when you get home if possible. Stock your sliced and diced goodness in your new containers and just grab and go as you cook.

4) Avoid Temptation: Before you go shopping or even running errands, try packing a small snack with you. Preferably one with protein and some good fiber. We all know what can happen when you're roaming through the grab and go section at the grocery store if your stomach is growlin.

5) Re-invent: Wanna make a chili for a couple of meals? Reuse the chili and turn it into taco filling! You can simply add a few toppings and have changed up an entire recipe into something completely different. Ill do the same thing with eggplant. Ill sauté a bunch for the week and make different dishes from stir -frys to baba ghanosuh!

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