Thinking Out Loud

Do You Want Access to What You’ve Paid For?

By Keryn Nicolson

I put on a lot of events. Most recently I put on an event down at the River Parkway Trust by the San Joaquin River and it was amazing how many people have not been down to see it. The venue was gorgeous, setting was perfect and the potential is just ridiculous. One of the best things about my job are the relationships I get to make with like -minded people. One issue that has recently been brought to my attention (again) is Fresno’s access – or lack thereof – to the San Joaquin River. It has been over 25 years in the making and $10 million dollars from the Packard Foundation was used to purchase over 500 acres of the river area (located behind Woodward Park) and we still do not have good access to the trail systems. It’s been newly named the River West Open Space Area and if completed, it would have paved and unpaved trails, access to the river and four ponds. There would also be drinking fountains and restrooms. Basically, what we ALL want and seriously something that Fresno sorely needs.

Why should Fresnan's have to wait another 10+ years to get something that so many other cities in California get? It's time we own our city. Yes, it's hot. But at least it's a dry heat! #silverlinings

In a recently published article in the Fresno Bee, it goes into detail about the curve balls being thrown at organizations trying to complete this project. For more information about this project visit:

Industry Standard Inc

401 Clovis Ave STE 204,

Clovis, CA 93612

Phone. 559-472-3285