Thinking Out Loud

How To Be Conscious With Your Phone

By Keryn Nicolson

How many times during the day do you think you impulsively reach for your phone? If I really think about it, it's embarrassing how many times I've done that. It's been for multiple reasons but usually it's been out of boredom or to escape my current situation. Some days I'll make a conscious effort to leave my phone at home or turn it off but when it's a work day, I am constantly on that thing. Look around a restaurant next time you're out and see how many people are avoiding conversation, heads down, on their phones. It seems we're avoiding being alone with our own thoughts or something.

Here's a cool set of questions you can ask yourself the next time you feel the urge to reach for your phone from a Google executive. Think about your answers and then decide whether or not to leave your phone alone and disconnect to reconnect. See what I did there...;)

1) Are you trying to make a connection with someone? It's different to make a phone call and have a conversation with someone.

2) Are you checking your phone for information you need at that moment? Sometimes I still like to call a friend or ask a barista about where to eat or even for directions. It's okay to get a little lost sometimes. Remember when we only had maps and had to write down directions on an actual piece of paper or stop and ask for directions? You actually had to remember things. Crazy.

3) Are you just bored?

4) Are you trying to escape the situation you're in?

Usually the urge to check your phone will gradually subside. It's like weaning off an addiction (not that I would know...aside from my intense caffeine addiction). That intense feeling that you're missing out on something will eventually diminish. Living in the moment is something you need in your life from time to time. Live happy, live healthy friends.

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