Thinking Out Loud

Just A Thought...

By Keryn Nicolson

As I was sitting inside trying to escape the 108 degree temperature by literally doing everything within my power to NOT go outside, I started catching up on my blog reads. As I have been going through some professional challenges lately, I find this week’s post in particular speaks to me. Perhaps it will speak to someone out there as well.

Many of you are working within the third sector (nonprofit world) and know full well about: inputs, outputs, milestones, strategic planning and all that jazzy stuff. I keep hearing more and more about how we need to think differently and act differently. Some of the old ways of thinking are not going to cut it nowadays. I know that identifying your inputs, outputs and milestones are extremely important but the way they are managed may need to be re-examined. After all, the issues that we face are extremely complex. The linear way of thinking, managing and funding nonprofits may not be in our best interest anymore. In fact, I think it is hindering us and the communities and individuals we serve.

The whole idea that an organization needs to prove their efficiency but providing at least three years of data before receiving funding can put a real crunch on the issues at hand and those communities usually suffer because of it. Not only that but the sometimes rigidity of strategic plans that don’t always allow wiggle room for emerging needs (which ALWAYS happens).

Maybe it would be more effective and we can make more of an impact if we think about creating a paradigm shift that matches our complexities. What are some ways we can challenge these ideas and make ourselves more effective? After all, we got into this field because we want to see chance, yes?

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