Strategies And Studies

You don’t have to be a big dog to fight like one, you just have to want it as bad. Fortune-500 companies might actually have the disadvantage of being big and successful; it can lead to complacency. You aren’t there yet, but you want to be. You are hungry. You are a dreamer. You have ideas. Let’s turn those into growth and success for your company.

Why ISI?

Sound financial strategies take time to develop…. and that could mean time away from managing your company and doing what you do best. We evaluate your company, your competitors, and your industry to help you identify key areas of focus. Here is a short summary of some of the services ISI provides:

  • Employee Motivation: Your employees are on the frontline of your operations, and they hold the key to your success. It is true that you are only as strong as your weakest link, so let’s get them motivated. Employee engagement is critical and we work with your employees to determine what makes them tick, ultimately allowing you promote their strengths and work to overcome their weaknesses.

  • Resource Studies: Cavemen used rocks as hammers, and that still works in some cases, but along came the nail-gun and voila! Instant efficiency. Are you using the best tools for your industry? We evaluate and recommend systems and procedures tailored to your company, designed to get you the information you want when you want it. And don’t worry, we provide full training and support. From Human Resources to Information Technology, ISI can get you pointed in the right direction.

  • Social Impact Studies: How is your organization perceived? Normally, one shouldn’t care what others think, but in the business world your image is everything. Are you engaged in your community? Have you earned the respect of local leaders, your neighboring businesses, even your competitors? What do your customers say about their experience? It is possible to be so close to an issue that you can’t even see it. ISI can get you connected to your customers and the community, boosting your image and ultimately increasing your profitability.


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