Thinking Out Loud

3 Cool Apps That Promote Sustainability

By Keryn Nicolson

It's crazy to think that there are more than one billion people that travel somewhere substantial every year. I have done my fair share to date but I have recently found myself wondering how I can improve my "green-ness" if you will. Basically, how can I travel more sustainably?

Welp, there's an app for that. SHOCKING. Take a look at this nifty list:

Locavore: One of my personal favorites, this free app uses your phone's GPS to locate seasonal and local produce in your area...wherever you are in world. It also maps out the closest farmers markets as well as CSA's (community supported agriculture). You can purchase recipe ideas for a small fee.

Spinlister: Unless you opt to walk everywhere on your next trip (which is a great and ecofriendly anyways) Spinlister locates bike rental options near you as well as paddle boards, skis and more. It even pulls from non-vendors (like a craigslist bike rental) yet it still locates bike shops and also bike trails!

Glooby: Ah, the Swedes. This app allows you to compare travel sites and data for over 20 travel sites. It lists flights with the lowest CO2 emissions.

BAM. I'll keep ya'll posted on the newest and greatest. Till then, live well, live green.

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