Thinking Out Loud

4 Foolproof Wardrobe Fixes

By Keryn Nicolson

We’ve all had those busy mornings when you’re already running late for work and then, BAM. Wardrobe malfunction. Whether you can’t find your missing sock (or in my case any matching sock, ever) or there’s lint or you dog’s hair all over your suite, here are 4 easy fixes for some common clothing problems.

Problem: Lint or animal hair on clothing

Solution: Obviously, a lint roller is the clear fix here. However if you’re like me and can’t even find your lint roller, you can use a mailing label, the sticky back of a FedEx window envelope or packing tape.

Problem: Stupid stuck zipper

Solution: This has happened to me A LOT. It’s always my coat before I leave and it’s freezing outside. I would usually bust out some WD40 but you don’t want that smell on yo fancy work clothes now do ya? You can also rub the trouble spot with a waxy substance like lip balm or candle wax. Now don’t get any on the fabric because it can leave a residue.

Problem: Mildew smell

Solution: Alright, if my sister was reading this she’d be laughing her butt off. I used to live in a REALLY mildew-y flat in London. Pretty much all of my clothing came back to the States smelling like a damp moldy wet towel. Ew. I tried washing them in a usual cycle but to no avail. Finally, I took my colored washables and soaked them overnight in a solution of two ounces of detergent with color-safe bleach to every gallon of warm water and then throw them in a normal cycle. For whites, I did the same thing but with straight bleach. Then I laid my whites in the sun for a FULL day. The sun is a natural deodorizer anyways.

Problem: Perspiration Stains

Solution: This one is a little embarrassing to admit but I sweat a sh*t ton. I think it's partially because I drink so much damn water throughout the day but whatever. I sweat a lot. Naturally, I get some perspiration stains on some of my shirts. Esssppppecially my workout clothes. I refuse to go through shirts every month so if I have any armpit stains, I'll apply a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution to the stain and then machine wash them in warm water. It's easy if you put it in a spray bottle and just go to town. You. are. welcome.

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