Thinking Out Loud

4 Things That Make Wellness at Work-WORK

By Keryn Nicolson

I feel like a lot of employers don’t know or perhaps don’t think about little ways to make the workplace a better environment for their staff. For me, if there’s a toaster oven and an electric kettle to fuel my addiction to hot beverages and toasting things I am beyond stoked. It's tiny silly little things like that, that make me happy.

We don’t all have the luxury of working by a nice park to go for a lunchtime stroll or have a fancy on-site gym or personal chef. Little changes can make a huge difference for the overall well-being of your team.

1) Easy access to healthy meals and snacks: I used to work for a nonprofit in London (it was a HUGE office). In the breakroom they always had a fruit platter and simple kitchen ware that made it easy to cook or prepare food yourself during your break. They also had a board full of healthy options nearby that either delivered or were walkable. Every Friday they had a “healthy” potluck which was fantastic because it challenged people to step outside of their comfort zone.

2) Stop weight loss competitions: I have never agreed with this. Sure, a lot of people do need to loose pounds but that doesn’t do anything to help staff that doesn’t need to lose weight and some people suffer from eating disorders so fueling competition to lose weight may not always benefit your staff. Instead, focus on educating your team on fitness, injury prevention and healthy eating. A lot of the time, Universities have students that need volunteer hours and are well trained in presenting on health and wellness (and it’s FREE for you).

3) Install showers: Another benefit we had in the office were showers. This encouraged staff to bike, walk or run to work. If they lived too far it also encourages lunchtime exercise and group workouts.

4) Encourage vacation time: People need to clear their heads and have family time. Encourage your staff to spend time with family and use their vacation days. You’ll have a much happier work environment!

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