Thinking Out Loud

5 Things To Do In The Fresno Heat

By Keryn Nicolson

Let's be real guys, how many times have you heard people say (perhaps including yourself) "there's nothing to do in Fresno". I may or may not have said this last weekend when it was over one hundred degrees and my sweat to makeup ratio was unacceptable. To be honest, there ARE things to do here. And if not right here in the valley, pretty close by. Here is a list of five activities in the Fresno/Clovis area you may not already be aware of:

1) Escape the heat by going underground. That may sound kind of creepy at first glance but have you checked out the Fresno Underground Forestiere Gardens? It's literally a subterranean collection of rooms that Sicilian born Baldassare Forestiere built in the early 1900's right here in Fresno. It's all hand built, has fruit trees cascading over the top, vine that grow underground, Roman architecture and 10-30 degrees cooler than the surface!

2) Go on a Wine Walk. In Old Town Clovis you can take a stroll around the lovely western village style town and glass hop from shop to shop.

3) Go to Gazebo Gardens. Not only is the setting perfection: being surrounded by flowers, herbs, fruit trees in an artfully designed layout; every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5-9pm there are two beer gardens and a plethora of food trucks to choose from. A definite hit. Oh and live music.

4) Go to a pub quiz, show or Sunday brunch at Tioga Sequoia Brewing Co. They're getting pretty big but if you don't already, follow them on social media. There are free events almost on the daily in the beer garden. Not to mention, excellent local craft beer.

5) See a film. No, not a major Hollywood picture at one of the big theaters. Each month, Fresno Filmworks hosts screenings for acclaimed movies that don't get into the big theaters in some of our smaller historical theaters. There are also certain times of the year when they have week long festivals.

Most of these you can do in the evening so the chances of beating the heat are at least a BIT are more promising.

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