Thinking Out Loud

A Guide to a Work Week Detox

By Theagarajan_CML

Do you spend your weekends checking e-mails and obsessing over the work week before and the one up ahead? I know I’ve been guilty of this. If you think back to the evolution of transitioning from youth to adulthood and how you’d spend your free time, how does it differ now? Sure as a kid you’d go back to school on Monday with a few scrapped knees and elbows but you’d have some epic stories to tell. The tradition and nostalgia of spending time outside and enjoying a hobby seem to become lost when you’re stressing about tedious tasks.

This is a simple yet (I find) affective four step guide to detoxing from your work week and taking back your weekend.

1) Shut off. Literally. Shut it all off. If you find yourself telling your friends, “Hold on, I just need to send one more e-mail” on a Saturday morning, then you probably need to work on leaving electronics behind for a while on your days off. Don’t get lost in the proverbial laptop “black hole” and unplug. If you find yourself sneaking peeks of your e-mail on your phone then leave it behind. Sure, you might have to actually map out directions to brunch ahead of time, actually meet someone when and where you tell them or even check the movie times by going to the theater and looking on the marquee. I know, what a concept. Try pulling out an actual map (they are made of paper and unfold and can show you exactly where you need to go). Feel that small burst of anxiety yet? That’s probably your second sign it’s time to unplug.

2) Make a list. Do you have a to-do list that’s just continuously growing? Whether it’s going for a hike, fixing something around the house, a DIY project or even sitting down and writing a hand written letter to someone (yeah, just for the HECK of it?) Give it a try. Make a non-work related to-do list and see where that takes you. If you like drinking piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, do just that.

3) Enjoy a shared meal. This one is my personal favorite. I find my solace in the kitchen, listening to a good record. The act of shopping for my ingredients, preparing and enjoying a meal with loved ones brings me so much joy. Some call me a gastronomy aficionado but hey, who am I to turn down a label. Try sitting down with friends and family and enjoy a meal together. Whether you like to cook or not you can have each person bring a dish that way all the pressure isn’t solely on you. The act of dining together “transcends the act of dining as a means to an end”- (taken from Happyolks blog).

4) Now reward yourself. I know how hard it can be disconnecting. Work is important there is no doubt. If you don’t unplug and reboot your mind on a frequent basis, it can affect more than just your work performance. Happy team happy work stream.

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