Thinking Out Loud

Get A Jump Start On Your Health This Holiday Season

By Keryn Nicolson

I was going to try and figure out a way to address the giant elephant in the room (pun intended) but then decided, “no, I am not going to talk about anything that transpired on Tuesday”. Instead, since we all have to continue with business as usual…I thought we’d discuss a few healthy ways to keep yourself less susceptive to falling under the weather this holiday season. It’s already here AGAIN guys. Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner. Is it me or did this year just BLOW right on by? No passing go and certainly didn’t collect $200. Regardless of the passing time and my silly puns, let’s try and stay as healthy as possible this winter. Here are a few simple adjustments you can make in your workplace:

1. Swap and exercise ball for your office chair: Totally simple. Fitness at your fingertips. This will add a ton of balance aiding in core strength just while you sit at your desk. I may not use it every single day but I could totally see exchanging it out a few days a week.

2. Have a bunch of meetings? Walk vs. sit for your next meeting if possible. Ever watch movies where politicians are heavy in negotiations and they end up walking around talking versus sitting in a stuffy board room? Not just for concessions my friends.

3. Skip the juice. If you’re like a few colleagues of mine that don’t like the “taste” of water (whatever that means) and choose fruit juice almost every morning, try swapping the juice out for a whole piece of fruit, skin intact. I happen to work next to a pretty rad organic grocery shop that has a solid juice bar. Now, I love the taste of fruit juice just like the rest of us, but without the skin…you’re just getting a straight shot of sugar (which without the fiber to slow it down, your body can react to it just like if you were drinking a sugary soda). If you do decide to juice a few days per week, focus on making your drink as green as you can stand it. Apples and pineapples are great single additions to a green juice.

4. Swap cinnamon for sugar. Coffee addicted like me? If you find it hard to resist a PSL or a sweetened holiday beverage from your neighborhood coffee joint, try swapping out all the excess sugar for cinnamon instead. Cinnamon is naturally sweet tasting but it won’t hurt your waistline. It’s also an anti-inflammatory.

Trust me, I know just how difficult it is to resist all the homemade treats your colleagues will inevitably be bringing into the office. One idea, set an example yourself. If you have a potluck, try finding a poplar holiday recipe and modify it. Sugar is really the main culprit here, let’s be real. Don’t beat yourself up if you treat yourself…but just don’t go overboard.

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