Thinking Out Loud

How to Support Mental Wellness at Work

By Keryn Nicolson

It’s tough to always be on your game at work. From performance reviews, interviews and deadlines, the workplace can be a bit daunting at times.

Our country is starting to open the floor to conversations about metal illness which is allowing the stigma surrounding it to slowly diminish. More people are starting to talk about their workplace anxiety or other anxiety disorders which calls for action at the office.

Health and wellness are finally beginning to take a more prominent role in company culture, and mental wellness is now a key part. So, how does a workplace get started? Here are three tips to promote mental health in your office:

Leadership Support

A team that cares about mental wellness will inevitably positively impact the culture of the workplace and also its productivity. Work together with your leadership team to keep them informed on the types of challenges employees may face, like anxiety, OCD, or depression. Mental health days are important to take sometimes.

Educate Employees

Let’s be real, most of us spend way more time with our colleagues than with our family or friends. Sometimes you get SUPER lucky and get along with everyone at the office and sometimes there’s just too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s impossible to be at 100% 5 days a week. The culture between staff is crucial for a healthy work environment. Informational sessions and creating awareness around common issues like this can help reduce the fear of a staff member bringing it up.

Have Resources Available

Mental health services are listed among ten essential health benefits required under the Affordable Care Act. There are other in-office wellness tips that can seriously improve a staff’s overall mood.

Yoga sessions offered at lunch or before work, on-site massage, In-office acupuncture, financial training, healthy eating classes, etc.

Small steps like these can not only benefit your entire staff but it will benefit your company culture as well as overall production.

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