Thinking Out Loud

The Best Meal Kits

By Keryn Nicolson

We’ve all seen them. There are sponsored posts on your Instagram feed, facebook, online and even on TV. Shoot, I just heard one right now on my headphones while listening to Pandora. Meal delivery services are the HOT new trend. It makes sense...this generation is busier than ever. We have talked about meal prep several times here and how important it is for your wallet and health. Sometimes though, there just ISN'T enough time. Having healthy meals delivered either already prepared, partially or even ready for you to prep is just way easier. Fresh delivery services are a great option for those that want to eat healthy but just don’t have the time to go shopping. It may not always be the cheapest option but here are a few good meal kit/delivery services you can check out:

PeachDish: This delivery service offers a main dish, a side and a vegetable. The protein part of the meal was the recommended size (a palm size for a piece of chicken for example) but may not fill you up if you’re used to larger portions). It’s great if you want to train yourself to cut down on portion sizes. The only other negative was the recipes were not included. They may have since added recipes to their boxes. Prices broke down to around $12.50 per person per meal.

HelloFresh: I literally just got my HelloFresh box yesterday! A friend subscribes and was able to offer a couple people a free week of food. Actually, it is three meals for two people for one week. You have a choice of meat or vegetarian (I chose the veggie option of course) and so far, I am impressed! Recipes are included and have excellent step by step instructions and even cute little nutritional facts on the box. Each meal is divided into separate cardboard boxes. Ill offer a full review after the week! HelloFresh is about $69 per box (which feeds two people three meals for the week).

Terra’s Kitchen: For those of you that are “sustainably conscious”, this is an excellent option. Instead of getting a new box, ice pack and other small cardboard boxes inside, Terra’s Kitchen sends you a mini “fridge”. You pop open the lock, take out your ingredients, take off the return shipping label, leave it outside and the mailman picks it back up! This is definitely an easy option for those that don’t want to spend any time prepping. All the veggies are pre-chopped and all seasonings are pre-packaged and measured (just cut and pour). This was also a bit cheaper at $9.99 per meal per person.

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