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The Best Sunscreens for 4th of July Weekend

By Theagarajan_CML

Whether you’re going to the beach, lake or backyard BBQ this weekend, tis the season for sunscreen overhaul. It’s the time of year for sun bathing and no one wants a gnarly sunburn, right? UV rays are NO joke so if you want to protect that youthful skin of yours and prevent serious sun damage (aside from staying out of the sun or wearing one of those umbrella hats), you’re going to need to wear sunscreen. Unfortunately, most of the products out there have super harsh chemicals and skin irritants. One thing I like to do before I lather up is check out EWG’s yearly sunscreen review.

Here is a list of some of the best sunscreens this season (that I have personally tested;) :

Juice Body, MyChelle, Badger Anti-Bug & Sunscreen, Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen

These products are great because they’re not pumped full of harsh irritants, include zinc oxide, are water resistant and some are even chemical free!

There are several other sunscreen brands on the market that are nontoxic and effective. I’m a big believer that anything you put on your body (and that’s being absorbed through your skin) shouldn’t have a novel on the back of the ingredients list. If you can’t pronounce it and if it doesn’t sound familiar…maybe rethink your purchase. No matter where you are going this weekend, protect your skin because sun today…sun spots tomorrow. #RealTalk

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