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Want a Pain Remedy That’s Olympian Approved?

By Theagarajan_CML

Unless you’re hiding under a rock, don’t have a television or just simply refuse…you’re watching the 2016 games in Rio right now. Mashups, rivalries and pining for the gold…how could you not watch these games?

If you’ve been catching any of the swimming competitions in particular, you have probably noticed many of the athletes are showing up to the pool with large circular spots all over their arms and back. So, what is that about? New Olympian tattoo craze? Allergic reaction to the contaminated water (that’s a whole other issue)? Nope. Some of you may have already heard of an ancient alternative medicine or CAM (complimentary alternative medicine) therapy called “cupping”. This practice has been around FOREVER. Like, people say since 1000 B.C. It’s widely practiced in China and other eastern medical practices to alleviate pain, inflammation, even help aid in digestion (among other remedies), all without the use of chemical medications. Here are a few common ailments that cupping may in fact help to improve or decrease:

  • Achy muscles: Cupping is thought to release tension in the muscles by reducing stiffness, cramping and decreasing scar tissue that can be caused by injuries. It is supposed to increase the fluids entering the muscle tissue which can help to decrease inflammation.

  • Stress: Cupping has been compared to acupuncture in that it can lift pressure away from tense muscles therefore relaxing the client. I like to think of it as deep tissue massage but without the pain associated with working out my gnarly knots. There is also something to be said about the relaxing nature of lying on a surface, remaining still and silent while someone tends to you. If you’ve ever had a massage you’ll know what I mean. It’s incredibly relaxing.

  • Inflammation: It is also used to reduce various skin inflammatory ailments such as: acne and cellulite (among others) by improving blood flow to the skin surface.

So did I just convince you to go out and look for your nearest cupping specialist? I think I just convinced myself. If the best athletes in the world are giving it a go…I’d say I’m pretty sold.

*This post wasn’t even sponsored by a cupping expert.

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